France? Country of wine, cheese and baguettes..

Dagmara Bojenko


Enchanting medieval towns with unusual climate…Fabulous castles by the Loire…French Riviera…Provence…and of course one of the most beautiful European capitals, if not the most beautiful? Romantic Paris!

You dream about special wedding different from others? Make your dreams come true and contact us! What a Day! Wedding planner together with befriended photographer and consultant in France ? Dagmara Bojenko will take care of organisation of your wedding in that beautiful country. The guests will surely be delighted, and you will remember that day forever!

We will take care of all formalities. We will help in the selection of a place, booking of hotels, flights, as well as in complex organisation of your wedding and wedding party in France.

We also organize Weddings in sunny Andalusia, and also in ancient Rome!

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